Thursday, November 20, 2008

VERY Exciting News!!

Hi, everyone! Happy (almost) Friday!! Is it just me, or has this week felt strange to anyone? I can't quite put my finger on it, but something was just off this week. I've stopped caring to try and figure it out though, and right now I'm just focusing on the weekend.

That said, I have some very exciting news!! You ready? Ok, are you sitting down? . . .

YES! You heard correctly. "Thoughts On a Subway" is moving to a new and improved home! Ya see, I've joined a new blog featuring a group of four other fabulous twenty-something year-old lady bloggers like this one, and that one. All of our blogs now live on separate pages on one site. Make sense?

So by now you are probably asking yourself, "So, what does this mean to me?"

Well, it means that you will not only have access to my blog posts, but you will also have the option to check out theirs too. Trust me, you will love it. Starting Monday, when you visit, you will be automatically re-directed to the new site. Soooooooo, make sure you update your blog rolls! I'm really excited about the new site, and eager to hear what you think too, so be sure to leave me some feedback.


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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

MTA Plans to Make Commute Even More Awful for Commuters

Yesterday, I stumbled upon this article announcing that the MTA has a budget crisis (like everyone and every company lately - Thanks, Mr. Bush!) and to help amend it, the MTA is planning to not only cut jobs, but also subway lines, thereby making the already crowded trains and slow service, even more crowded and slower.

Ride the M, Z, G or W line? Well, your SOL because the MTA is expected to get rid of the W and Z lines, and cut service on the G and M lines. However, I'm sure you are all happy to know that this does not affect me personally, but still, it sucks.

They haven't announced it yet, but I'm sure we will be getting another fare hike soon too - Crowded trains? Slow service? Of course it makes sense to raise prices!! Sigh . . .

An update on what exactly will be happening is expected tomorrow. Stay tuned! (and hope for the best)

Happy Humpday!

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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I'm Rick James, b*tch!

Imagine my delight when my I was flipping through the TV stations with my boyfriend and our friend this weekend and we stumbled upon "Chappelle's Show." Well, imagine my even greater delight upon realizing that it was the Rick James/Charlie Murphy episode!

For those of you not familiar with "Chappelle's Show" (I got on the fan base a little too late too - actually, his show was long over by the time I started watching), or those who haven't seen this video, it is hands-down one of the funniest things you will ever see. Unfortunately, I couldn't find the whole episode, but I was able to find this hysterical scene.

Happy Tuesday! Enjoy!

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Sunday, November 16, 2008

The polls are closed, and the results are in!!

Thanks to everyone who took my last poll. Not surprisingly, half of you (though, I'm not sure why not all of you), would like the opportunity for personal space. Half of you also wanted a buffet breakfast on the subway. I would like that too, though I'm not sure I could ever really trust food cooked on the subway, where homeless people sleep.

Anyway, I've posted a new poll, so please take it!

In other news, I'm pretty sure I have an online shopping addiction. In the past 48 hours I have made purchases on Victoria's Secret's site, some online bookstore site so I could buy a new college sweatshirt, and because I'm addicted to gourmet jelly beans.

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A night at Barcadia

Last night, my boyfriend and I went out with some of his friends to celebrate one of his college friend's birthdays at a place in Brooklyn called Barcadia. The way my boyfriend described this place I expected to be in a casino-like place lined with video games and waiters taking your drink order. Well, imagine my surprise when instead I was surrounded by boys wearing beanies, and shirts that are small and faded, and skinny jeans that were tighter than my skinny jeans. It was a mix of your average nerds, hippies and skaters. As you might imagine, I was very much out of my element. What's worse, there was one, sometimes two, bartenders, which made getting a drink nearly impossible. In fact, every time I tried to order a drink, it seemed like the bartender was serving everyone except me. When I finally was able to get the bartender's attention, I ordered a white zinfandel. "A zinfan who?," the bartender asked. "What kind of white wine do you have?," I asked. "Chardonnay, and, uhhhh," he began. "Chardonnay! A chardonnay is fine," I said. But as it turns out, the chardonnay was not fine. It tasted like rubbing alcohol. This place was supposedly known for its beer, so I ditched the chardonnay and ordered a Raspberry stout, expecting a light, sweet beer. What I got was vomit-inducing. The beer was dark and disgusting. I tried to give the beer to several others, but they all had one sip and passed. So I ditched that beer and got a merlot. That merlot also tasted like rubbing alcohol. At this point we ditched the bar and walked to the diner where I just had coffee.

How was your weekend?

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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

My new Obsession

Kevin McKidd. New doc on Grey's Anatomy. And my new obsession. What can I say, I have a thing for red heads ;)

Monday, November 10, 2008

The best parts of the day

Today I realized that my favorite part of the weekday, aside from finally coming home at the end of it and seeing boyfriend and my super-cute kitties, is the 35 minutes I have to myself to read in the morning on my way in to work on the subway, in a seat because I'm one of the first stops, and the 35 minutes I have to myself to read on the ride home. I find this realization a bit sad. Call me crazy, but is the rest of my day so awful that the best part of it is reading. By myself? Work isn't awful, it's just that I'm filled with anxiety throughout most of it, especially today. I was afraid of going into cardiac arrest all day. Is this not normal? Someone tell me they know what I mean and that this has happened to you before? Ok, so maybe I'm a little crazy, but what do you think the best and worst parts of the day are??

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Sunday, November 9, 2008

The results are in!!

The votes have all been tallied, and survey says . . .

50 percent of you would like to see prostitutes on the subways. You sick f*cks! What is wrong with you?? Haven't you thought of the children that ride the subway? THE CHILDREN! Has anybody thought of the children???

Anyway, this "improvement" to the subways was followed closely by faster and cleaner service, which was not surprising. What was surprising however, was that 25 percent of you would like to hear "The Best of Bette Midler" playing in the background in the subway cars. I'm not quite sure I understand this one. Don't get me wrong, I love love love "Wind Beneath My Wings" and all because it reminds me of "Beaches," which is a great movie, but there isn't much more I love of hers besides that song.

Anyway, I'm posting a new poll, so make sure you take it and force all your friends to take it too! ;)

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Friday, November 7, 2008

Happy Friday!

Happy Friday, everyone! I feel like the week flew by, which is probably due to all the excitement over the election. I don't really care how it happened; I'm just glad that it did and now we can prepare for the weekend!! And, to make things even better, I had a pretty drama-free subway commute to and from work this week. There was almost an incident on the subway this morning when the girl seated next to me kept bumping into me and invading what little personal space I had when the train stopped or started. But, it was early, I was sedated, and so I kept my cool. Progress? I certainly think so.

I'm going to see "Zack and Miri Make a Porno" tonight because boyfriend and I are big fans of comedies, especially ones that feature Seth Rogen. Has anyone seen this movie yet? Thoughts?

What are your plans for the weekend?

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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

It's . . .

a beautiful daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!!!

Obama was projected the winner of the election and MSNBC is showing shots across the country of tons of people gathering in the streets celebrating. It reminds me of New Years Eve. In fact, I keep expecting my phone to ring and for it to be my mom with her usual Happy New Years! call. Today is not New Years Eve, but today is HISTORIC. We are going to look at our grandkids' textbooks one day and be all like, "I was just a lad when the first black president was elected," because you've recently acquired a Scottish accent, and by this point there have been like 5 other black presidents since then. Anyway, this is big. HUGE. Rachel Maddow is tearing up. This is truly a beautiful day.

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Monday, November 3, 2008

Halloween Subway Gal-Style

Happy (not really) Monday!! Is everyone fully recovered from Halloween weekend and ready to get back to work?! Me neither.

So, how was your Halloween? What did you dress up as? Call me the Halloween scrooge, but I, myself, am not much of a fan of the "holiday," but every year someone has a party, and this year was no different. I don't have the desire to go that extra mile and come up with really cool costume, so, instead, I buy, and this year my boyfriend and I were prisoners. Not very original, but I assure you we looked very good. By far, the best looking convicts I've ever seen. Not that I've seen any, except for on TV.

On the train out to the party we were headed to on Long Island, it was dead quiet. That is, until the end of the train ride when a rather loud, and, I'm assuming, very drunk man starting talking into his cell phone and kept using different variations of the sentence, "You know I respect you and your woman." For hims look and tone of voice, I had a feeling he was involved in some type of mafia work. I was thinking of saying something rude when we got off the train until he muttered something amusing about our costumes to me and my boyfriend as we got off the train and I thought, since he is being nice, why be mean? Progressive thinking on my part? I certainly think so.

The night was fun and we got to see our friends in their way-more exciting costumes, except for one friend of ours who simply threw on a ski mask or two and called himself a rapist, but I was exhausted and decided to take the 12:30 a.m. train home. I guess I must have been a bit more tipsy than I thought because I also got into a totally-unnecessary fight with my boyfriend where I started yelling like an escaped mental patient and even tested some of my cardio-kickboxing skills, leaving him with a black-and-blue on his thigh (sorry, boyfriend!). Some of you might be reading this in absolute horror right now, but for those of you who know me, this is typical Subway Gal behavior ;)

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