Wednesday, November 19, 2008

MTA Plans to Make Commute Even More Awful for Commuters

Yesterday, I stumbled upon this article announcing that the MTA has a budget crisis (like everyone and every company lately - Thanks, Mr. Bush!) and to help amend it, the MTA is planning to not only cut jobs, but also subway lines, thereby making the already crowded trains and slow service, even more crowded and slower.

Ride the M, Z, G or W line? Well, your SOL because the MTA is expected to get rid of the W and Z lines, and cut service on the G and M lines. However, I'm sure you are all happy to know that this does not affect me personally, but still, it sucks.

They haven't announced it yet, but I'm sure we will be getting another fare hike soon too - Crowded trains? Slow service? Of course it makes sense to raise prices!! Sigh . . .

An update on what exactly will be happening is expected tomorrow. Stay tuned! (and hope for the best)

Happy Humpday!

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wishmewell said...

their gonna cut the express J as well. that sucks so much. riding the J is crowded enough as it is in the morning even with the Z there running skip-stop express. Its going to be so crowded a miserable and GOD I HATE THE MTA SO MUCH!

Plus, without the Z line Jay-Z's name makes less sense!

Abe said...

Such a shame here too...I hate how hard it is to get state funding, because you know what? The entire *rest* of the state who doesn't live in the city couldn't give two shits about cutting funding because they don't have to rely on public transit! The vast majority of the nation's regular rail users live in New York, Chicago, D.C., Boston...and that's a huge number, but for the suburbanites and rural-dwellers, it's out of sight, out of mind.

wishmewell said...

your identity has been revealed courtesy of the NYP

not the headline

Subway Gal said...

HAHAHA I saw this story earlier, wishmewell because it keeps popping up in my "Subway Gal" google alerts, and even though it totally sound like something I would do (or at least attempt to) it's not me. My identity remains a mystery! ;)