Wednesday, June 25, 2008


This morning on the subway I got to thinking about Nicole Ritchie. Is it just me or has she become awesome since her union with Joel Madden, the foundation they started together and the birth of Harlow Winter Kate Madden? Don't get me wrong; I liked her as Paris' adorable, funny, slighly chubby sidekick on "The Simple Life," but now I just think that she is great. I would totally compete on a reality show to vie with other girls at the chance to be her new BFF.

Nicole reminds me of a slightly hippier version of Kate Hudson; another one of my favorites. Since the two of them are around the same age, have kids (maybe they can date one day?!), have blond hair, are super skinny and like guys in bands, they should totally be BFF!! I wonder if they've ever met and hung out? Are there any pics of them together? They definitely need to get together soon and start becoming the new Paris Hilton and Nicole Ritchie.

I was so excited by this idea that I didn't even give attitude to the annoying guy next to me on the subway who kept pushing his hips out further into my space so that he could get a better angle at which to lay his head.

Song of the moment: "With a Little Help From My Friends," but not the Beatles' version; the up-tempo version from that commercial about a product or service I forgot about, which I guess makes the whole ad ineffective, but it's still a fun song.

P.S. Want a good laugh? Check out this article about a new spary-on condom! ~ . What will they think of next?

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Unknown said...

great nicole richie is going to read your comments and think "i was chubby" and she will turn back into an anorexic...great job