Sunday, June 1, 2008

It's (almost) Subway Gal's Birthday!!

Tomorrow is a very special day . . . it's my birthday!!! Thank you, thank you.

In celebration of my birthday I am going to give you all a special treat. Another mace story! Enjoy.

Back in the day (about two years ago) before I met my boyfriend, Thursday and Friday nights were my favorite happy hour nights. They were my time to really shine! So, after one particularly fun (I think I had fun) night at the bar with my friends (don't ask me which ones because I can't remember), I was intoxicated and riding the subway on my way home when I spotted what appeared to be a suspicious man. So, doing what any rational drunk would do, I whipped out my mace and held it in my hand pointed at this man. Now, this man seemed unfazed, but the poor girl sitting next to him looked at me in alarm and crouched in her seat. So, to reassure her, I snapped something like, "Don't worry, this isn't about you. This is because the guy next to you keeps giving me weird looks!" Shortly thereafter I fell asleep. Now, at this point, if I was another passenger witnessing this scene, I would have grabbed my mace, my purse and ran. Thankfully, not everyone is as mean as me. I woke up at the subway's last stop in Jamaica still pointing my mace at no one. I left the subway mumbling something nonsensical and throwing nasty looks in everyone's direction who even glanced my way. It was getting pretty late and I was still drunk, so I went outside in search of a cab, but to no avail. I eventually got back on the subway and, miraculously, made my way safely home. This story is one of the reasons my boyfriend doesn't let me ride the subway home alone after drinking.


sammy blue said...

happy almost birthday...i remember this story. but if i expected you to give me a cookie for everyone of these stories i already heard then i'd get fat and you'd want to charge me double for a subway ride. so forget it.

Subway Gal said...

HAHA Touche, Sam. Touche.