Monday, June 9, 2008

Men in capris?

On my subway ride to work this morning, I noticed a young man in black, straight-leg cut capri pants. I can't decide whether I like this because on one hand, he did look really good in the capris, but on the otherhand, they are capris. And he's a man. And maybe men wearing capris is all the rage and I'm behind on the latest trends, but this is not something I am used to seeing. What do you think about men wearing capri pants - yay or nay?


Unknown said...

As much as I would like to get away with wearing kapris i wouldnt respect a man if i saw him wearing them - tough it out and have sweaty balls like the rest of us

sammy blue said...

did the guy have a matching purse? or was his boyfriend holding his keys and lip gloss?

Jonny Epic said...

Perhaps this guy was from europe. If men are wearing kapri pants in europe, then they'll be cool in among United States homosexuals in no time.

This man could have also been really cheap. Why spend all the loot on a pair of pants and a pair of shorts when you can meet in the middle? Of course, I'm not poor, so I don't subscribe to this line of logic