Thursday, June 12, 2008

Dear Chubby Guy Sitting Next to Me This Morning on the R Train,

You were this close to getting elbowed or receiving a nasty look from me this morning. But, lucky for you, I decided to restrain myself because the situation wasn't as bad as others I've been in and I was feeling generous this morning. However, I did not appreciate your chubby arms rubbing against me a few times along our ride. There was simply no need for it. You had ample room to sit comfortably in your seat, especially since I didn't even take up all of my seat! Instead, you chose to sit with your elbows out and your legs spread apart so that your elbows brushed against me a few times, before I smushed myself all the way to the other side of the seat so as to avoid touching you, and your legs almost touched mine. I don't like it when strangers touch me and I doubt most other riders do either, so please take note and don't do it again.

Subway Gal

Song of the moment: "Don't Stand so Close to Me" by the Police. No explanation needed.


sammy blue said...

someone has a secret admirer

Anonymous said...

Dear Subway Girl,
Don't know if I was the 'chubby guy' in question or not, but if I was... go !$@# yourself!

I am chubby because of my family's genetic make-up. That is the same reason that you are, I assume, un-chubby. I have lost and gained more weight that you probably ever weighed in your life and guess what? I'm not the only one. The subway's were built under very different specifications than our unfortunately widening populations' behinds.

So, suck it up and if you can't sit without skipping a seat, then remain standing. I'll do the same!

Subway Gal said...

Actually "ANONYMOUS," I can sit without skipping a seat, but unfortunately that was the only seat available and I paid my $2 for ONE seat, and I deserved to sit in it.

And, if you actually read the post, you would see that this man had AMPLE room to sit because, as I mentioned, I didn't even take up all of my seat. The problem with this guy was that his elbows and legs were spread out and there is just no reason for that during a subway rush hour. So, if you were this guy, keep you limbs to yourself!!